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SnowTrex-Award 2018 - The most popular ski areas & accommodations


Right on time for the start of the winter season, we have been evaluating our best ski areas and resorts and have assigned some of them with a SnowTrex-Award. To decide on the results, we consulted our best jury: the customers themselves. After they return from their holiday, we send a feedback questionnaire, in which we enquire for their experiences with the accommodation and ski area they visited. Therefore, we can gather real and unbiased information, with which we can continuously improve our products and services. For 2018, select accommodations and ski areas from our selection are again assigned to receive an award. The winners are labelled with a golden plaque on each the accommodation and ski area description sites.

Excellent Ski Areas

A fun and successful winter holiday is dominated by the ski area that it takes place in. Therefore, we ask our customers, after they have returned home from their holiday, to provide us with feedback on their experiences with and in the visited ski area. The area is rated in 6 categories (from very good to not acceptable). All those ski areas of the previous season, that have been rated with at least 8 (of possible 10), are now assigned with an Award. More

Excellent Accommodation

One of the most important factors that determines a successful winter holiday is a cosy and clean accommodation. After returning from a trip, our customers send us their feedback on the cleanliness, board selection, hospitality and the general impression of the accommodation they stayed in. All accommodations from the previous season, which achieve a minimum recommendation rate of 80% or more, are now assigned with an award. More